Origins of the name MiAGon

MiAGon is an acronym derived from my full name, Miguel Angel Gonzalez. The word MiAGon was created in 1997 and it was not until 1999 that I decided to permanently use it and purchase the domain of that same name. The Internet was expanding quite rapidly and it became obvious that the availability of highly desirable domain names were dwindling rapidly. This was also due to the fact that countless individuals and businesses were snagging up domain names and parking them for the purpose of reselling them at exorbitant prices. And hence, the popularity of the Internet was born as one big hustle.

The choice for MiAGon as my online identity was not accidental or last minute. Having such a common Hispanic name, I realized that creating accounts using my name or registering for email addresses through mail service providers was also challenging. It was a battle of who can make it there first. And while I achieved many victories, I also failed at others. I disliked the idea of not having the same username throughout various accounts. That was then, when things were simple. So I decided that the best way to ensure a guarantee of having something truly unique, I would have to make up a word.

At first I tried combinations of words to create new ones, but soon realized I was on the same boat as a bunch of others with similar dilemmas. And just as I was about to give in, I looked at my name and pulled letters of my first, middle and last name until something unique emerged: MiAGon. And the rest is history.

For the next decade, the name MiAGon was exclusively mine. And anywhere you searched for it, it always brought you to me and a host of alias accounts I had through the development of countless websites since 1999. And today, I own,, and I have had other domain extensions over the years, but have stuck with the 4 listed here.

The faces of MiAGon

MiAGon is me. And I am MiAGon. It represents itself as a person and a business, often referring to MiAGon as “we” or “me”, based on the services offered and the website you are visiting. This is due to how I fundamentally created the “entity”. I knew I wanted to engage in various businesses and industries, and did not want to limit the name of a business to something that can easily trap itself into a specific genre. MiAGon was intended to be an umbrella entity where subsidiaries or various other DBA’s can come and go as needed. And this model was successfully implemented since 1999. It may have just been a part-time basis only business, and it remained this way ever since.

Today, MiAGon, has isolated its identities into 3 distinct entities:

  • MiAGon LLC – the umbrella for a host of other businesses operating as DBA’s.
  • MiAGon Design – the flagship business providing online presence solutions to small businesses and organizations.
  • MiAGon – a more personal look at MiAGon as a person, not a business… the driving force behind it all.

MiAGon Design is technically a DBA of MiAGon LLC, while MiAGon itself represents me.

The “we” and “me” in MiAGon

When navigating through the website, you will notice me reference to MiAGon as “me”, since it is essentially representative of my personal being and contributions to the site. It is when you visit and that I use “we”. This is due to the fact that MiAGon LLC is owned by my wife, Shannon, and I. And while MiAGon Design is primarily operated by myself, Shannon also contributes to UI designs and graphics, as well as other aspects of website development, hence, the use of “we”. Additionally, I rely on close and trusted resources to assist on certain projects, which turns just about every work that MiAGon Design delivers into more of a team oriented project to deliver the best solution to our clients.

Please feel free to visit each of these sites for a better understanding of MiAGon as a person and a business. See the many sides of what “we” represent.